If you’re both busy and a serious writer, this might be a good solution for you.

May 2014, marked the launch of the first Virtual Writer Workshop, a private workshop for writers who approach critique with professionalism. Anyone can apply.

We offer both Spring and Fall sessions.

About the Workshop

Our philosophy is that good stories transcend genre. We believe the exercise of putting personal taste aside to focus on story construction is a valuable asset, one greatly exercised in a workshop with so many unique voices.

We are a multi-genre workshop. In past sessions, authors have submitted science fiction, women’s fiction, fantasy, western horror, romance, literary fiction, erotica, and other genres. Sometimes you’ll see a wide genre spectrum in a single group. This works really well for us, but it doesn’t work for all writers. So consider this carefully before applying.

This version of the workshop is not like a class. There is no instructor or godhead presiding, only moderators and a host. We learn from one another and submit stories on equal footing.

Participants can expect to work in groups of up to 8 peers.

Our format is challenging but also takes you into consideration, so deadlines and critique commitments vary based on level of experience.

Short stories, flash fiction, novel chapters, and novel synopses are all welcome. Our participants primarily workshop fiction for adults and YA.

The maximum word count per submission is 7000.

About Us

We are an international mix of editors, published authors, and writers who love fiction.

Our clan is diverse and our writing reflects that. There is not one genre we focus on and many of our regular participants write in multiple genres.

Diversity of opinion is invaluable to us. But we realize this might not be a good fit for writers seeking only one genre to workshop in.

About You

You are a committed writer who approaches your work with professionalism.

You have carved out time daily and/or weekly to dedicate to your craft.

You are just as adamant about producing great critiques, and being helpful, as you are about becoming a better writer.

You have some experience writing constructive criticism and formal fiction critiques.

You are seeking a supportive and honest community of writers to learn with.

You will be available for the duration of the workshop.

If this sounds like you, then:

Want to Give It a Shot?

Let us know more about you and what you want out of a workshop. Please fill out the application below (or click here), and we’ll be in touch.