What is the next step with your writing?

How will you reach it?

Has your story, novel, or screenplay undergone many drafts? Has it even been through an editorial process only to come out the other side still needing help?

I story consult with writers and filmmakers to make sure we develop your work before it goes to the editor. I want to unleash your full potential as a storyteller and help you set and achieve your writing goals.

I do this with developmental critiques aimed at providing you with an understanding of your work and the creative choices required for your story to achieve its full potential.

Are We a Good Match?

Get up to 3000 words critiqued for free and assess whether my style and approach are a good match for you and your work.

Be aware that my main focus is critiquing stories before they go to an editor and that I’m currently not offering editorial services like line editing and proofreading. Instead, I offer consultations on the big, developmental elements of storytelling. Some call this “developmental editing” or “content editing.”

So if you have a story in the developmental stages (outlining, drafting) or a story that has gone through all the stages but still has developmental issues and isn’t publishable or filmable yet, I’m your guy.

My Consultations Focus On:

  • Story Arc
  • Story Structure
  • Characterization
  • Theme
  • Research
  • Worldbuilding
  • Plot
  • Setup
  • Narrative Exposition
  • Summary
  • Narrative Voice

I do not focus on grammar, sentence structure, or punctuation. However, sometimes I will touch on these in regard to elements like narrative voice, a discussion of which is sometimes inseparable from the subjects I listed above.

Apply for a Consultation:

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